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Martin Greer, Bronze Sculptor


Art and technology have been life-long passions of Martin Greer. After winning numerous awards for his oil paintings when younger, Martin had to choose between art school and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although both options would have satisfied Martin’s strong desire for a career where he could "design, create, and build", MIT ultimately won out. Soon after, the world of "high tech" lured Martin in the early 1980’s when he co-founded one of the fastest growing computer services firms in the U.S., which he later sold in 1997.

Through his fifteen years as Chief Operating Officer of a national company, Martin maintained his strong interest in art and painting. Discovering his talent in sculpting happened quite by coincidence in 1999. While searching for a past time that he could share with his teenage daughter, the father-daughter pair settled on taking sculpting classes together. Martin immediately fell in love with this medium. Two years later, Martin made his debut as a sculptor at the 2001 Loveland Sculpture Show, with an impressive portfolio of bronzes.                     

Martin currently works in both traditional bronze sculpture and bonded bronze wall alto-relief wall sculpture with an emphasis in equine and figurative nude subject matter.  He describes his  style, with the clean lines and realism of classical work blended with elements of stylization common to contemporary art, as "contemporary classical".  When asked to describe what he does, Martin sums it up in two sentences: "The beauty of movement, the joy of anticipation, the dream of a private moment, these are my inspiration.  If you catch but a glimpse of these in my work, then I have achieved success."  In viewing Martin’s bronzes, an observer can feel the wind in the mane of a running horse, the joy of the dance, or just the beauty of a peaceful moment.   Martin’s work evokes an emotional response in the viewer, with an attention to form and feeling that brings his subject matter alive. As a result, Martin’s pieces can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the country.

With high technology behind him as well as the task of raising two daughters, Martin has returned to his artistic roots and now sculpts full time in his studio just outside of Denver, Colorado.


Martin Greer


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